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2014年6月12日 (木)




さらに琴や琵琶も見せてくれました。 それぞれの楽器が、韓国の伝統的な楽器に似ていたのがとても興味深く感じました。雅楽の背景は、5世紀ころ、中国、韓国の古代文明から音楽と舞踊が日本に持ち込まれたと言われており、韓国と日本が近い国であることを再確認しました!





Today we were invited to Mr. Yagi’s temple for cultural experience.
When we arrived, he served the Japanese green tea and sweet first. He also gave us home-made cookies! We gladly appreciated his offering of ‘Chado’. All of us continuously savored the flavors while we were there. It was delicious!!

Mr.Yagi introduced Japanese music ‘Gagaku’. He and two other musician played on wind instrument Hichiriki, Sho, and Ryueteki. The music called Shoga was mostly used with 5 monotone D,E,B,A,and F. I was able to conceive a solemn atmosphere when this music was played in Imperial court thousand years ago.

He also introduced two string instruments called Koto and Biwa.It was interesting to see how all the instruments are similar to Korean’s traditional instruments.In the background of Gagaku, it is said that from 5th century music and dance were brought to Japan from the ancient civilizations of countries such China and Korea. I recognized again that Korea and Japan are neighboring countries!

Mr.Yagi also gave us a chance to try all the instruments. I specially enjoyed to listen and try on ‘Hichiriki’. It was the smallest instruments in 5, but it leaded other instruments because of dominating sound! I thought the character of the instrument is same as violin!Also, it was striking for me to see the instrument ‘sho’. I had never seen any instruments before that has to be heated in the fire for 15min before actual playing! As a string player it is nothing but dizzy to think my instrument heated!

It was great opportunity for us to learn all the new factors about Japanese culture.We were all fascinated by Japanese culture that we would like to know more about the Japanese culture! Our exploring to Japan will continue!!

GaHyun Cho


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